Beach School Foundation is now doing business as Lummi Island Foundation for Education

 Lummi Island Foundation for Education (LIFE) is committed to sustaining education at Beach School through current and long-term financial support and stability. We do this in these ways:

  • Seek grant funding and innovative means of raising funds that directly support Lummi Island Beach Elementary School as well as education programs on Lummi Island.
  • Educate about the impact legislation and legal actions have on the quality and viability of education at Beach School.
  • Create dialogue and positive working relationships with other communities and schools, especially those with similar demographics and constituencies; with school district administrators and boards, and with education and government representatives to address mutual needs.

All Foundation efforts help to attain goals and meet objectives of Beach School students, faculty, staff, and Parent Teacher Organization, and the Lummi Island community at large.

The Foundation advocates for the necessary funding for Beach School to maintain the finest level of educational services and programs through both required and supplemental curricula and activities.

LIFE provides negotiating power at the district, state, and federal levels on issues that impact not only Beach School, but education in general.

LIFE continually evolves, vigorously pursuing our mission, and creates an educational vision for all children on Lummi Island, and beyond.

We welcome community  volunteers to carry out supportive activities.

LIFE encourages donations to help meet fiscal responsibilities at the heart of the ongoing, long-term, grant-based, bottom-line support of Lummi Island Beach Elementary School.